Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is one of those problems that a lot of people experience every day. That’s especially true if you have a desk job where you’re sitting a whole lot. When that happens, you need to address this problem as quickly as possible.

Since the lower back is supporting the weight of your upper body and provides mobility, it usually deals with a lot of constant pressure. When that happens, you want to address the issue as fast as possible. You can deal with radicular Lower Back Pain if the spinal nerve root is inflamed, or you can have mechanical pain that appears due to bones, joints, and ligaments.

Lower back pain chiropractor

Lower Back Pain Symptoms

How can you identify any of the symptoms for the Lower Back Pain right side or Lower Back Pain left side? That depends on multiple factors, as you will notice below. It includes things like aching pain, leg and foot pain, not to mention the pain that appears when you’re sitting for a very long time. you can also experience Lower Back Pain between shoulder blades if you’re waking up or if you want to switch positions. Lower Back Pain can come and go, it might even develop over time or you can have immediate pain after an injury.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Understanding the Lower Back Pain causes females and men to encounter every day is a very good idea. So, what leads to this pain? The less severe situations include ligament sprains or muscle strains. You might have a degenerative disc disease, a lumbar herniated disc, spinal stenosis, facet joint or sacroiliac joint dysfunctions or deformity, even osteoarthritis.

Lower Back Pain Diagnosis

The Lower Back Pain diagnosis will focus on studying your posture if you have any injuries, sleep habits, and activity levels. A physical exam will include things like leg raise or reflex tests, a range of motion tests, and even a doctor palpitation test as needed. When things are inconclusive, a diagnostic imaging test will be pretty much mandatory if you encounter pain in low back areas.

Lower Back Pain Treatments

A very good option is to hire a chiropractor for Lower Back Pain. The chiropractic Lower Back adjustment is one of the best ways for you to eliminate pain naturally and speed up your recovery. It addresses the Lower Back Pain right side and Lower Back Pain left side problems, while also eliminating most of the Lower Back Pain symptoms too.

You can also focus on a variety of lifestyle changes. These include things like activity changes, adding more resting periods in your schedule, or even heat/ice therapy. Aspiring, naproxen, and ibuprofen can also help. Sometimes you may have to go with muscle relaxants, back braces, or narcotic pain medication. Decompression or lumbar spinal fusion surgeries can also be an option if things are very severe.

Lower Back Pain can be very serious, so it’s important to understand the Lower Back Pain causes and find the best Lower Back Pain treatment to suit your needs. It’s not an easy thing to deal with this type of pain, but addressing it as fast as possible can make a huge difference. Prevent any rush, focus on your wellbeing, and stick to the designated treatment for the best results!