Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an ancient treatment followed by the different cultures around the world. Studies reveal that massage therapy is considered as the most effective form of natural car treatment that can deal with many chronic and acute health problems. Although scientific evidence about massage therapy is limited, many patients have experienced amazing benefits of deep tissue massage.

Massage therapy and deep tissue massage

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a combination of different techniques that can help to treat a variety of physical conditions. This form of physical care procedure is already mentioned in many ancient writings within China, Japan, India, and Egypt. The experiences message therapies work on the muscles and soft tissues to enhance the overall comfort level. The Swedish massage treatment further includes a combination of vibration, tapping, deep, circular movements, long strokes, and kneading.

Some of you might be eager to know what is massage therapy used for. Well, massage therapy is suitable for a variety of health problems, including depression, anxiety, stress, sports injuries, pain, and can aid general wellness as well.

Message therapy techniques

There are several unique types of massage therapy; few of them are listed below:

  • Longitudinal gliding:
    Longitudinal gliding is one of the most effective types of massage therapy that is followed towards blood flow direction in the human body. It helps to enhance fluid quantity at an injury site so that swelling and inflammation can be reduced.
  • Kneading:
    Kneading technique can be of two types; depending upon which part of the hand is used to complete the message, it can be named as palm kneading and thumb kneading. The level of pressure varies as per the purpose of the message and the tissue under treatment.
  • Myofascial releases:
    This is a manual technique for enhancing overall body balance and treat neuromuscular disease. Myofascial release treatment helps to deal with poor postures, trauma, stress, and injuries. The main goal of this massage treatment is to restore the tissue by releasing fascia restriction.
  • Trigger point therapy:
    Here is a reliable bodywork treatment that is completed by applying significant pressure to tender muscle tissues. It helps to reduce neck pain and dysfunction in different body parts.
  • Compression message:
    The rhythmic compression message help to provide a softening effect on the tissues with deep hyperemia. This type of massage is preferably used as a warmup session for the specific, extended message work.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

One of the immediate and most effective benefits of massage therapy is deep relaxation and calming sensation. This treatment helps to release endorphins – the essential brain chemicals that are further responsible for producing the feeling of wellbeing.

Here we have listed few amazing massage therapy benefits:

  • It promises reduced muscle tension.
  • Message therapy leads to improved circulation.
  • It can enhance the stimulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Helpful in reducing stress hormones.
  • Improve flexibility and mobility level in joints.
  • Boost the fast recovery of soft tissue injuries.
  • Reduced depression and anxiety levels.

To receive all these benefits, you can contact professionals for neuromuscular massage therapy. They make use of the latest massage therapy machines and tools to enhance the overall experience for patients.