Upper Back Pain

Despite the fact that your upper back is resistant to pain and injuries, you will still find situations where you deal with Upper Back Pain. When you experience this type of pain, it can be either from joint dysfunction or muscular irritation. Issues like these will arise from time to time, and you just need to find the right way to deal with them. Whether you have an Upper Back Pain left side or Upper Back Pain right side issue, it’s imperative to understand the causes and also find the proper treatment for your pain.

Woman with upper back pain

Common Upper Back Pain Symptoms

Usually, you need to go to the doctor or Upper Back Pain chiropractor if you have stiffness, radiating pain in your spine, weakness, numbness, or a sense of tingling. Other symptoms include general discomfort, sharp pain, and radiating pain, among others. These symptoms can appear right away, or they can get worse gradually.

What Leads to Upper Back Pain?

It’s important to note that the main Upper Back Pain causes will appear in time. The most common ones are a poor posture, you overusing your back, and using an improper lifting technique. There are some less common causes such as thoracic herniated disc problems, accidents, compression fractures, arthritis, spinal deformity, or fibromyalgia.

Age can be a risk factor, as well as all kinds of sports activities like skating, playing football, or things that involve a collision. Finding the right chiropractor for Upper Back Pain is imperative here, and it will help eliminate problems quickly.

Upper Back Pain Diagnosis

You can diagnose Upper Back Pain in a variety of ways. A good idea is to look at the patient history, how the symptoms feel, injury history, habits, and lifestyle, or even genetics. A diagnostic test via x-ray or MRI can be very helpful too, not to mention a possible physical exam.

Upper Back Pain Treatments

There are some treatments for upper back pain. If you encounter Upper Back Pain between shoulder blades, there are some things you can do right from the start. Resting and changing the way you tackle your activities is a very good idea. You should also try heat or ice therapy. Some over the counter medication like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen can be a very good option.

The same thing can be said about massage, it will help alleviate the pain. It’s important to make some lifestyle changes like staying active and exercising, practicing a better posture when you sit in your chair and you should also stop smoking since it leads to spinal disc problems.

In case these early treatments won’t work, a very good idea is to talk with your doctor. Physical therapy can be very helpful when it comes to Upper Back Pain. Prescription pain medication can also be powerful, the same thing with injections. Some therapists can also enroll you in cognitive behavioral therapy too. There are also alternative treatments such as mindful meditation, electrotherapy, manual manipulation, or acupuncture.

Chiropractic care for upper back pain can be helpful, especially if you have the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Joint Dysfunction, or a Shoulder Dysfunction. Every exercise needs to be adjusted to your own needs, so the chiropractor will create a recovery routine for you based on your needs.

Upper Back Pain is very problematic for a lot of people. Instead of living with it, you should consider having a more active lifestyle. In addition, you need to go to the doctor or a chiropractor as quickly as possible. This will help you keep the pain under control and get rid of it gradually!